Solar Power Generation

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for adopting solar power and thereby reducing your electricity bills. 

Grid Tied Rooftop Installation - CAPEX

Whatever be your site condition, our qualified and experienced team will engineer the optimum design and layout. The client is well informed regards every detail of the plant. Following a transparent procedure we invariably provide remote monitoring of the generation data. All our installations are value for money and customers are happy to reconnect with us for repeat business

Rooftop Solar - RESCO

We represent reputed Independent Power Producers (IPP) Companies to provide the best in class and highly optimized engineering and plant designs that suit the client’s energy profile thereby ensuring maximum savings in energy costs.

RESCO installations ensure zero upfront investment by the energy consumer and total peace of mind. Operation & maintenance is entirely handled by the IPP for the entire term of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Subject to a minimum power offtake of 100KWp combined with a healthy financial rating, we shall identify the ideal IPP to undertake your project. 


Solar Hybrid Rooftop w/Storage

Having installed several Solar-Battery Hybrid projects during the last 30 years, we specialize in designing and configuring the optimum solution to ensure clean backup power using solar power as the primary source for charging the battery bank. If you are looking to reduce your dependence on grid electricity and reduce your electricity bill substantially, we will design the ideal solution for you.

Using low maintenance batteries a hybrid system can be programmed to prioritise Solar>Battery>Grid to ensure grid electrifcity is used as a last resort . The hybrid solar inverter can also be configured to export excess solar power to the grid through a net-metering arrangement.

We are available for a no-obligation preliminary survey to install a system of your choice.

Open Access Solar Power

Are you a bulk energy consumer? Are you still paying crores against your electricity bill?

We will help you reduce your electricity bills by over 30-40% with no investment by you. We represent reputed solar developers who will supply low cost solar power under a Power Purchase Agreement at a flat tariff over a term upto 25 years.

To be eligible for the same you need to have an independent electric feeder of at least 33KV and a sound financial rating.


100% Clean Power Installation

Are you experiencing erratic power; hair-raising bills troubling you; regular power cuts; frequent breakdowns of office equipment due to poor electric supply; heavy expenditure due to dependence on DG sets?

A 100% clean power solution using Solar + Battery + Gas Generator is the perfect solution for you. You can surrender your electricity connection to save on unwanted bills and litigation costs.The 100% clean power system will meet your entire energy need of your residence/office/small industrial unit. You will be assured of reliable and clean power on demand with negligible running and recurring cost. You need not be located in a remote village which is off the grid to adopt the 100% clean power solution.

We look forward to your enquiry for a GRID INDEPENDENT installation