Hot Water & Process Steam Solutions

We harness the thermal energy of the SUN to bring to you a whole spectrum of applications ranging from hot water for residential use right upto high pressure high temperature steam for running industrial processes.

Concentrated Solar Thermal Technology

We represent M/s Megawatt Solutions Pvt Ltd , a New Delhi based technology Startup to bring to you state-of-art cost and energy efficient solutions for producing process steam.

High Temperature Steam Applications
Solar Dish Specifications
Equivalent Energy Output of M95 Dish

Solar Water Heating Systems

Flat Plate Copper Collectors with Glass Enamel Tank Make РEMMVEE SOLAR

Applications of SWHS

  • Large scale hot water usage for bathing & laundry applications in hotels, hospitals, hostels
    and even hi-rise apartment buildings
  • Pre-feed for boilers for steam generation for various industrial applications.
  • Milk dairies for applications such as pasteurization, condensation & cleaning.
  • Leather processing industry for drying and tanning.
  • Metal finishing industry for degreasing and phosphating.
  • Resin emulsification in polymer industry.
  • Drying & related processes in pharmaceutical industry.
  • Solar drying thro air-heating is an area of growing interest.
  • Swimming pool heating is a popular concept in India and abroad.